Our Goal

We aim to support your success by boosting your decision-making abilities and increasing the business value and returns from your technology investments.

Our Focus

As a specialist company, our focus is on our clients' needs rather than our internal processes. Our consultants offer a wealth of experience gained from years of working on complex projects for large corporations.

Our Commitment

Our dedicated consultants support your business operations through the commitment to deliver timely, accurate and cost-effective data management solutions.

Our Approach

EC Integrators' consultants combine years of enterprise architecture and data warehousing experience to determine how best to take advantage and incrementally improve the business value of your IT investments and boost your decision-making abilities - from design to implementation to maintenance.

We work jointly with both the business and IT people on the project team from your company to manage your business expectations and deliver timely, accurate, cost-effective architecture and data warehouse solutions.
We assess your current business needs, perform architectural reviews and evaluations, develop and implement strategic information solutions.

Why Choose EC Integrators

Our consultants have a wealth of experience and proven track record in implementing enterprise architectures and business intelligence solutions - with over 30 projects, covering all the major industry sectors.

  • We are the actual consultants who have the years of experience. We can do it right for you at the start.

  • We are the trainers not the trainees. We implemented the solutions before the terms data warehouse and business intelligence were invented.

  • We align technology to your business needs.

  • We completely understand the importance of return on your investment.

  • We offer top experience gained from working on complex projects for large companies at less than Large Consulting Firm's rates.

  • In a small IT community such as Melbourne, our reputation is vital. We therefore depend and care more about your success.