Do you know what your business needs to achieve a single view?

In previous blogs, we discussed some of the challenges faced by organisations in achieving a single view of their business data. In solving those challenges, organisations typically leverage solutions by a range of software vendors in the market.

Before we explore the different solutions from our leading vendor partners and how they address the lack of a single view of critical data, let’s first assess your business requirements. To do this, we suggest you take the following steps:

Highlights of ECI’s presentation Journey to a Single View of Master Data

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to share my insights with the audience at the 2012 Master Data Management and Data Governance Summit in Sydney. Since presenting on Journey to a Single View of Master Data – In Search of the Holy Grail, a number of participants have asked if I could summarise the key points highlighted in the presentation – I hope you’ll find them useful.

Highlights from the 7th annual Master Data Management & Data Governance Summit

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of attending the 7th annual Master Data Management & Data Governance Summit in Sydney. It was definitely one of the best MDM-centric events I’ve attended, with the line up featuring a range of exciting presenters (including the Father of MDM, Aaron Zornes) and new products (like the advanced Multi Domain MDM solution from Orchestra Networks).

The main theme at this year’s Summit was Multi Domain Master Data Management:

How can you keep data explosion in check?

Data size explosion is hard to avoid with poor archiving strategies, multiple data environments and external factors such as compliance requirements. The increased use of social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook in recent times has amplified the volume of unstructured data for organisations to capture, accelerating the pace of data explosion.

Capturing quality data efficiently – can it happen?

In my years of work in data quality, I’ve often come across the same problem – that the incentive given to data acquisition specialists is based on their speed of acquiring the data rather than the quality of the data. This problem can play out in many ways – inaccurate reporting, data duplication, and lower campaign reach – all of which result in inefficiencies for the business in question.

Single view initiatives - how to achieve optimum business involvement?

The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI) has published statistics showing that over 90% of failed Business Intelligence projects (BI) result from a lack of business involvement.  In fact, this is true not only for BI, but for any single view organisational initiatives such as Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and Master Data Management (MDM).

Like Business Intelligence projects, the cross-system, cross-business unit nature of EDW and MDM initiatives make it extremely challenging to involve stakeholders and keep them actively engaged throughout the course of the project.