Do you lack a single view of your business information?

Time and time again, we hear the following...

“It is very difficult to obtain intelligence insight into our business operations.”

 “Reports provided by our business units are inconsistent and inaccurate which leads to misallocation of budget.”

“My team spends time collating information from multiple, disparate sources rather than analysing the data for valuable insight.”

As end-user real-time information demands increase and data management becomes even more complex, these comments are more prevalent. On the surface, these may look like different problems, but they all point to one overarching challenge – the lack of a single view of business information.

With over 30 major projects across government and private sectors, EC Integrators understands the implications of the lack of a single view and what it takes to achieve it.

Creating a single source of the truth is no easy task. It involves numerous steps – bringing together disparate systems, which results in the need for data quality analysis, followed by data migration and seamless, often real-time, data integration. It is a process best left to the experts.

This process is at the core of what EC Integrators do. To deliver that single view, we have a wide range of solutions which include Master Data Management, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Data Integration, Data Migration and Data Quality.

Our comprehensive end-to-end approach begins with our consultants working with you to assess your business needs and evaluate your current information architecture. Based on this analysis, we then collaborate with our leading software vendor partners to develop a strategic information solution to give you the single view that enhances your decision-making capability whilst maximising your return on investment.

Contact one of our consultants to find out how we can help you attain a single view of your data.