ECI earns a place on the eServices panel

August 11th 2011, Melbourne, VIC – EC Integrators (ECI) has been selected as one of the final 188 highly-qualified service providers on the eServices panel from July 2011 to June 2014.

The eServices panel is, “...comprised of qualified Service Providers that specialise in a wide range of information and communications technology (ICT) services.”[1]

The panel aims to support the government by recommending the most forward technological advancements, and only includes service providers that uphold the same level of integrity as government organisations.

Managing Director, Emy Carr, stated, “With a place on the current eServices panel, we are delighted to have the opportunity to play an expanded role serving the data management needs of the Victorian Government. Prior to the current 188 service providers, there were 253 companies on the panel. This represents a drastic reduction in panel numbers, and we are proud to have made the cut.

Our team of specialist consultants are delighted to continue serving the government in information management through our single view solutions on Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence and Master Data Management. Specifically, we have had the pleasure of serving government organisations such as: Department of Education Employment Workplace Relations, HealthSmart, Medicare, Northern Territory Police Fire Emergency Services, Victoria Police, WorkSafe Victoria & TAC - IT Shared Solutions.”

Aside from serving the above departments of the Victorian Government, ECI has delivered over 30 projects for private companies in industries such as Health, Banking and Financial Services, Energy, Education, Advertising, Food and Manufacturing, Retail and Telecommunications.

Despite its growing portfolio, ECI’s commitment to serving the Victorian Government remains strong.

For further information, please contact Terry Walsh on 03 9626 2468 or email us on