Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture provides the blueprint for the organisation's information infrastructure. EC Integrators provides a structured approach using your preferred framework (e.g. Zachman, TOGAF, DODAF) to create customised, holistic models of your enterprise to provide the business value in better understanding the relationships among business objectives, initiatives, people, process, technology and information.

EC Integrators can assist you by:

  • Independently assessing your current enterprise architecture and intended strategy and time frame in achieving your targets;

  • Producing the baseline and target models in order to deliver systems implementations in the short term, and at the same time for the long term, provide the roadmap model of the Architecture process to ensure incremental system implementations are carried through to achieve the target Enterprise Architecture environment;

  • Providing the means to understand business impacts, risks, costs, benefits and business improvement opportunities.

  • This is vital for organisations where speed to market is a goal since it allows the organisation to change quickly to internal and external forces assisting in both strategic and tactical decision making;

  • Enhancing the Enterprise Architecture process by formally defining and managing key components for building the Enterprise models, for evaluating and deploying development methodologies and tools, for selecting and/or defining databases (repositories) for storing the Enterprise models, for defining the roles, responsibilities and skills required within the architecture process.

Solution Architecture

Our solution architects are more than technical architects. They are strategic architects with real experience of influencing business strategy by demonstrating IS as a key enabler. Our architects are extremely confident with board level delegates and will manage through influence and persuasion. As well as with technical background, our solution architects' key strength is that they are able to articulate the advantages of using information management as a tool to help the business enhance its competitive advantage and find potential products for the future, thereby influencing at senior level.

EC Integrators can assist you by:

  • Presenting IS as a strategic enabler - linking to business strategy

  • Providing the Enterprise Strategy and business architecture

  • Producing the Strategic roadmap (architecture and technology)

  • Providing Technical Assurance and input to technical architecture

  • Providing the framework for Enterprise Integration

  • Producing your Information Management (including Assurance and standards)

  • Facilitating joint architecture group workshops (Business/Enterprise group and outsourced provider),

  • Providing external strategy and architecture awareness