Principal Consultants

Your success is critical to our success. Each of the principal consultants at EC Integrators has over 15 years of IT experience, over 15 years of enterprise architecture, and over 10 years of data warehousing experience. For you, this means your project gets guidance by consultants who understand how to make it succeed right from the start. We have worked on over 30 successful projects in various industries such as financial services, telecommunications, utility companies, directories, advertising, and information providers.

Emy Carr - Founder & Managing Director
Emy Carr - Founder

Emy Carr is the Founder and Managing Director of EC Integrators. With over three decades in IT Enterprise Information Management, Emy has gained both experience and expertise in Master Data Management, Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Data Governance, earning her the reputation of a thought leader in the industry. Emy has a proven track record in successfully leading, analysing, designing and implementing enterprise-wide initiatives and package based technologies for corporate and government organisations in Australia and South East Asia. These successful initiatives were brought on by Emy’s vendor-agnostic approach that led to the introduction of MDM, DG, DW and BI tools such as Collibra, AnalytiX Mapping Manager, Orchestra Networks, QualityStage, Datastage, ETI Extract, BusinessObjects, Cognos, Metis and Rochade  to EC Integrators’ clients prior to them becoming industry standard. Emy has interviews on leading edge system implementation featured in publications such as The Age and Computerworld.