Master Data Management implementation for a single view

Master Data Management, if effectively implemented, delivers a highly-prized single view of data. At EC Integrators, our decades of expertise in the industry have helped our Master Data Management consultants understand the various steps and complexities of an MDM implementation and the means by which you optimise this journey.

An MDM implementation begins with mapping the current architecture and requirements. In this phase, you need to identify the critical master data, determine how data is organised and stored, and identify data owners.

The next phase involves assessing the Master Data Management implementation most suitable for your business. This involves evaluating Single Domain MDM against Multi Domain MDM and determining whether the implementation is one of Operational, Enterprise or Analytics MDM.

Then comes the complex phase – developing the master data model and identifying every task that needs to happen between the current data sets and the master data model. Throughout this process, there is an additional consideration of data governance. The data needs to have gone through a well-developed governance program, to ensure that quality is maintained.

Once these phases are complete, the implementation begins, and is accompanied by continuous measurement and improvement. Only then can the improved business processes reveal a single source of truth.

Consider enlisting external specialist support to thoroughly work through your business requirements and then jointly determine the best solution that satisfies those requirements.

Our Master Data Management consultants at EC Integrators have worked on MDM implementations using tools from the leading solution vendors for both corporate and government clients. From these implementations, we have gained invaluable insights that have helped us become the acknowledged specialists in Master Data Management implementations.

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